About Us

Welcome to the official home of Boy Scout Troop 32 on the web! You have come to the perfect place to learn about our program and what scouting with us is all about.

Here at Troop 32 we take pride in many things: our over 1600 hours of service done last year, our full uniform policy, but mostly we pride ourselves on the good that we do in helping each and every boy who come through the program. We make sure everyone has a good and enjoyable time in scouting!

Feel free to click around and check out the various links to other pages from the menu bar on the left side. We have a page of links to the B.S.A. web site, where to find merit badge councilors and workbooks, and many other fun things. We also have pages for more information about us and our leaders. In addition we have a page where you can check out photos from our latest events and outings!


Thanks to all the came to our Annual Pancake Evening Meal and Breakfast.

And a Special Thanks to all of our Sponsors for their generous donations.

Here's a pic from The First Aid Meet, March, 5, 2011

pic from campout of 3/2009